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France 2019

10 Days - France 2019


A roundtrip to archaeological monuments of France. From the Palaeolithic to Roman occupation, visiting the Auvergne, Bourgogne and Languedoc.



A: 6.5. - 15.5.2019

B: 27.5. - 5.6.2019

C: 9.9. - 18.9.2019

D: 19.9. - 28.9.2019


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Experience a journey through time on the Motorbike. From the oldest paintings of mankind, the emergence of agriculture and the last stand of the Gaul, to an early medieval, subterranean monastery.


Beside the better known historic sites, mentioned below, we will visit several, not touristic developed sites like Menhires and megalithic monuments.


We will travel mostly on small roads with daily mileages around 200 km. We will not take off-road passages. The tour is aimed at experienced drivers of all kinds of motorcycles.


Manageable mileages, adequate breaks and beautiful landscapes make this journey a comfortable experience for pillions as well.


The Monuments:

Caverne du Pont D'Arc


Abbaye de Saint Romain

Nationalmuseum der Vorgeschichte: Les Eyzies-de-Tayac

Lascaux II



Accommodation, including breakfast in selected hotels

Optional transportation of luggage in the support vehicle, free of charge

Qualified guided tours at the monuments, provided by an experienced archaeologist

Entrance fees included

Every day a picnic at an impressive monument

8-10 participants per trip




Per person: 2200,- €

Single room surcharge: 400,- €

For single persons we book a single room as standard. Accommodation in a double room is possible as well, if two persons are willing to share a room.


Day 1:

Arrival at the meeting point, afternoon and evening. The first evening we will spend getting to know each other.


Day 2:

After breakfast we will drive on secondary roads to a megalithic monument. You will get a first impression of what you can expect of the following days.

Visit of Bibracte, an archaeological research centre. At this Iron Aage hilltop settlement, basic archaeological methods will be explained, to provide an insight into archaeological work.


Day 3:

On winding roads we travel southwest. On the way we will visit two more monuments. One Dolmen and a landmark Menhir, dominating the landscape.


Day 4:

The focus for today is the driving experience, through the Massive Central to the city of Perigeux. An impressive town made up from buildings of all periods, since roman times. To not neglect the archaeology, we will picnic at a stone circle midway.


Day 5:

We will visit Lascaux II. In the "Sistine Chapel from the Stone Age", unique Palaeolithic paintings can be adored. Furthermore a visit to the National Museum of Prehistory in Les Eyzies-de-Tayac is on the schedule. Here we will see an impressive selection of some of the oldest pieces of art of mankind.


Day 6:

On the sixth day of our journey we will visit a Mesolithic settlement, to get an impression into everyday life on a hunter-gatherer community.


Day 7:

We continue our journey along the timeline of prehistory and visit collective burial of early Neolithic farming communities. Subsequently, following countless curves, we will reach a place that has attracted humans throughout all periods of time. The Abbaye de Saint Romain is a subterranean monastery, dominating the landscape.


Tag 8:

Visit of the Caverne du Pont D'Arc. The UNESCO World Heritage is a detailed replica of the Grotte Chauvet. We will catch a glimpse of the oldest paintings of mankind, originating about 35.000 years ago.

Subsequently we will head north again, along the Rhône.


Day 9:

Today's roads will bring us back closer to our starting point. Following the Rhône north, with some detours through the adjourning mountains.


Day 10:

On the last day of the journey we visit Alesia, the place where Vercingetorix surrendered to Caesar. In the afternoon we will return to our meeting point.



If a tour is booked by a group of english speaking participants, the tour will be done in english. Please ask before booking if this is still possible at the desired date.

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